Sentence Completion Practice Set-3 for SSC CGL, MTS, and CHSL Exam

By | January 31, 2018

1. The hotel was not to expensive,_______________?
(a) was it ?
(b) want it ?
(c)is it ?
(d) isn't it ?

Ans. (a) was it? – is the correct question tag.

2. Like humans, Zoo animals must have a dentist _________their teeth.
(a) fill
(b) filled
(c) filling
(d) to be filled

Ans. (C) Must have a dentist filling is the correct use of tense.

3. It was very kind of you to do the washing-up but you________ it
(a) didn't have to do
(b) hadn't to do
(c) mightn't have done
(d) mustn't have done

Ans. (d) Correct use tense in the given context.

4. He went __________ sea alone.
(a) in
(b) to
(C) into
(d) on

Ans. (C) Alone supports the preposition 'into.'

5. The ______________ of our civilization from an agricultural society to today's complex industrial world was accompanied by war.
(a) adjustment
(b) migration
(c) route
(d) metamorphosis

Ans. (d) It means a striking alteration in appearance, character etc.

6. The court _____________ cognizance of the criminal's words.
(a) took
(b) made
(C) gave
(d) allowed

Ans. (a) Idiom takes cognizance of something means: to understand or consider something to take notice of something.

7. __________ wins this civil war there will be little rejoicing at
the victory.
(a) Whichever
(b) Whoever
(c) Whatever
(d) Wherever

Ans. (b) Whoever wins is the correct use.

8. As he got older his belief in these principles did not____________.
(a) wither
(b) shake
(C) waver
(d) dither

Ans. (a) The word wither means: to become less or weaker.

9. Everyone in this world is accountable to God ___________ his actions.
(a) about
(b) for
(c) to
(d) over

Ans. (b) for.

10. Your father used to be the principal of this college__________ ?
(a) did he?
(b) does he?
(c) didn't he?
(d) doesn't he?

Ans. (c) didn't he?.

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