800+ One word substitution Pdf for SSC CGL, CHSL and IBPS Exams
One Word Substitution for SSC and Bank Exam

800+ One word substitution Pdf for SSC CGL, CHSL and IBPS Exams

800+ One word substitution Pdf for SSC CGL, CHSL and IBPS Exams

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800+ One word substitution for SSC CGL, CHSL, IBPS Clerk and PO Exam

One Word Substitution Asked in SSC Exams 1997-Till date

1 One who has become dependent on something or drugs – Addict
2 Fear of being enclosed in small closed space – Claustrophobia –
3 Call upon God or any other power (like law) for help or protection -Invocation
4 Severely abusive writing in journals- Scurrilous
5 A person who opposes war or use of military force –Pacifist
6 One not concerned with right or wrong –Amoral
7 Something no longer in use – Obsolete
8 Stealthily done (something done in a quiet and secret way in order to avoid being noticed) –Surreptitious
9 Words written on a tomb – Epitaph
10 A person with a long experience of any occupation – Veteran
11 Something capable of being done – Feasible
12 A person coming to a foreign land to settle there – Immigrant
13 Anything which is no longer in use – Obsolete
14 A person who is unable to pay debts – Insolvent
15 Capable of being understood in either of two or more possible senses, and therefore not definite – Ambiguous
16 A short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of drama – Epilogue
17 Act of deceiving somebody in order to make money – Fraud
18 Flat metal or Porcelain plate fixed on a wall as an ornament or memorial – Plaque
19 To cut something into two pieces – Sever
20 Succession of rulers belonging to one family – Dynasty
21 To seize control of a vehicle in order to force it to go to a new destination or demand something – Hijack
22 Lasting only for a moment – Momentary
23 One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain – Stoic
24 The practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food – Gastronomy
25 Killing of a child – Infanticide
26 One who believes in offering equal opportunities to women in all spheres –Feminist
27 One who studies election trend by means of opinion polls – Psephologist
28 A doctor who treats children –Pediatrician
29 One who can think about the future with imagination and wisdom –Visionary
30 Give and receive mutually -Reciprocate A building where an audience sits Auditorium
32 The first model of a new device – Prototype
33 Tough tissues in joints – Ligaments
34 The study of maps – Cartography
35 A person who breaks into houses in order to steal – Burglar
36 The study of the origin and history of words – Etymology
37 One who can walk on ropes (tightrope walker)– Funambulist
38 Belonging to all parts of the world – Cosmopolitan
39 One who hates mankind –Misanthrope
40 One who goes to settle in another country –Emigrant
41 Constant efforts to achieve something – Perseverance
42 A person who believes in total abolition of war – Pacifist
43 A four footed animal – Quadruped
44 Ready to believe anything – Credulous
45 That which lasts for a short time – Transitory
46 Indifference to pleasure or pain – Stoicism
47 A body of persons appointed to hear evidence or judge and give their verdict (decision) – Jury
48 The essential or characteristic customs , habits and conventions of a society or community –Mores
49 A system of Government in which only one political party is allowed to function – Totalitarianism
50 One who collects coins – Numismatist
51 Violation of something holy or sacred –Sacrilege
52 A broad road bordered with trees – Boulevard
53 Animals who live in herds –Gregarious
54 The murder of parents or near relative – Parricide
55 A mild or indirect expression substituted for an offensive or harsh one – Euphemism
56 One who believes in no government and therefore incites disorder in a state -Anarchist
57 One who secretly listens to talks of others –Eavesdropper
58 Science of diseases –Pathology
59 One who is beyond reforms – Incorrigible
60 Concluding part of a literary work – Epilogue
61 The act of killing whole group of people, especially a whole race – Genocide
62 One who stays away from school or work without permission –Truant
63 A person without training or experience in a skill or subject – Novice
64 Dissection of a dead body to find the cause of the death – Autopsy
65 The study of religion and religious ideas and beliefs – Theology
66 One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure – Stoic
67 A place where Jews worship according to their religion –Synagogue
68 An area of land that is controlled by a ruler – Dominion
69 One who is greedy – Voracious
70 Simple, fast-spreading plant without flowers or leaves, which can often cause disease –Fungus
71 Dry weather with no rainfall – Drought
72 Too much official formality Red-tapism
73 Living together of a man and woman without being married to each other –Concubinage
74 A place where government public records are kept – Archive
75 A place where all religions are honoured – Secular
76 Excessive preoccupation with one’s health – Hypochondriac
77 Without risk of punishment – Impunity
78 Deep in thought – Pensive
79 A jocular person who is full of amusing anecdotes – Wag
80 A sly look that is lustful –Leer
81 Irresistible craving for alcoholic drinks –Dipsomania
82 A hater of mankind –Misanthrope
83 A remedy for all diseases –Panacea
84 Something that is poisonous and unhealthy – Toxic
85 The worship of idols or images – Idolatry
86 A place where nuns live and work –Convent
87 Violation of something holy and sacred –-Sacrilege
88 One who destroys images or attacks popular beliefs – Iconoclast
89 Feeding on food made of both plant and flesh – Omnivorous
90 A woman having more than one husband at the same time – Polyandry
91 A den for small animals – Hutch
92 To take back, withdraw or renounce – Recant
93 The habit of always admiring oneself – Narcissism
94 One who intervenes between two or more parties to settle difference – Intermediary
95 One who deserts his principle or believes –Renegade
96 Property handled down after the death of a person – Inheritance
97 One who breaks the established traditions and image –Iconoclast
98 One who believes in that gaining pleasure is the most important thing in life –Hedonist
99 Building in which a dead body is kept for a time – Mortuary
100 Experts in the scientific study of birds – Ornithology
101 Placing a thing besides another – Juxtapose
102 One who does not follow the usual way of life – Bohemian
103 The first public speech delivered by a person – Maiden speech
104 Wild and noisy disorder Pandemonium
105 General view of person’s character – Profile
106 A person who is in his seventies Septuagenarian
107 Study of insects – Entomology
108 Military waking up signals in the morning – Reveille
109 The sound of the funeral bell –Knell
110 One who has obstinate and narrow religious views – Bigot
111 One who loves books – – Bibliophile
112 A short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of a drama –Epilogue
113 Causing or ending in death – Fatal
114 A group of girls – Bevy
115 Belief that war and violence are unjustified – Pacifism
116 A wall built to prevent the sea or a river from flooding an area – Dyke
117 A specialist who tests eyesight – Optometrist
118 Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter – Alliteration
119 One who walks in sleep –Somnambulist
120 A government by officials – Bureaucracy
121 Of very bad morals characterized by debasement or degeneration – Depraved
122 Body of a human being or animal embalmed for burial –Mummy
123 Something which cannot be believed – Incredible
124 A method which never fails –Infallible
125 A place where birds are kept – Aviary
126 The abandonment of one’s country and cause –Defection
127 Treatment by means of exercise and massage – Physiotherapy
128 Bitter and violent attack in words against someone or something – Diatribe
129 Motion of heads, hands etc, as a mode of expression indicating attitude –Gesture
130 To be biased against someone or something –Prejudice
131 A person who never takes alcoholic drinks – Teetotaler
132 A tank where fish or water plants are kept – Aquarium
133 A person devoted to sensual enjoyment, especially that derived from fine food and drink – Epicurean
134 Inability to sleep –Insomnia
135 One who believes in giving equal opportunity to women in all fields – Feminist
136 To have a very high opinion about oneself – Conceited
137 Place of burial (especially not in churchyard) – Cemetery
138 A person who is always hopeful and looks upon the brighter side of things –Optimist
139 An occasion of great importance – Momentous
140 Government by ruler who has unlimited power – Autocracy
141 One who journeys from place to place – Itinerant
142 That which cannot be called back – Irrevocable
143 The state of being miserable bereft (deprived of or lacking) of all possessions –Destitute
144 A picture of a person or a thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner to cause a laughter – Caricature
145 Belief that God is in everything and that everything is God – Pantheism
146 One who breaks the law – Transgressor
147 That which cannot be captured Ungraspable
148 Reproducing or memorizing word for word – Verbatim
149 Careful in spending of money, time, etc – Economical
150 Study of insects – Entomology
151 Science of the race of mankind – Ethnology
152 Detaining and confining something – Internment
153 One who criticizes popular beliefs which he thinks is mistaken or unwise Iconoclast
154 Impossible to describe – Ineffable
155 An underhand device resorted to in order to justify misconduct – Manoeuvre
156 The animals of a particular region – Fauna
157 An emolument over and above fixed salary – Perquisite
158 An unexpected piece of good fortune – Windfall
159 Clues available at the scene – Circumstantial
160 One hides away in a ship or passenger vehicle to obtain a free passage Stowaway
161 One who is a citizen not of a country but of the world –Cosmopolitan
162 Circular building or hall with a dome – Rotunda
163 The use of many words where only a few are necessary – Circumlocution
164 A continuous process of change is known as – Flux
165 An involuntary action under a stimulus is described as a – Reflex
166 Determine the nature of disease – Diagnose
167 Occurring at night – Nocturnal
168 Arrangement in order of occurrence – Chronological
169 Science of heredity – Genetics
170 To run away with a lover – Elope
171 With much liveliness and a sense of purpose – Jauntily
172 Seeing something which is not actually present – Hallucination
173 The practice of having more than one husband – Polyandry
174 Calmness and indifference to suffering – Stoicism
175 Person who insists on adherence to formal rules or literary meaning –Pedant
176 Words of similar meaning – Synonyms
177 To be known for bad acts – Notorious
178 Belonging to all parts of the world – Universal
179 One who tends to take a hopeful view of a life – Optimist
180 Instrument to measure atmospheric pressure – Barometer –
181 The practice of submitting a proposal to popular vote –Referendum
182 An object or portion serving as a sample – Specimen
183 Not to be moved by entreaty – Despotic
184 To renounce a high position of authority or control – Abdicate
185 Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence – Protocol
186 To struggle helplessly – Flounder 187 Loss of memory – Amnesia
188 Release of a prisoner form jail on certain terms and conditions – Parole
189 Feeling inside you which tells you what is right and what is wrong – Conscience
190 An inscription on a tomb – Epitaph
191 To look at someone in an angry or threatening way – Glower
192 Pertaining to cattle – Bovine
193 A person who writes decoratively- Calligrapher
194 Something that causes death – Fatal
195 A post with little work but high salary –Sinecure
196 A test in which cells from diseased organs are removed and tested – Biopsy
197 One who compiles a dictionary – Lexicographer
198 Quibble (to avoid giving a direct answer to a question in order to hide the truth)-Prevaricate
199 Words uttered impiously about God – Blasphemy
200 A person who has no money to pay off his debts – Insolvent
201 List of issues to be discussed at a meeting- Agenda
202 The study of insects- Entomology
203 Theft of another person’s writings or ideas and passing them off as one’s own –Plagiarism (CPO,2011)
204 The place where public, government or historical records are kept – Archive
205 Speed of an object in one direction- Velocity
206 In a threatening manner-Ghastly
207 A person who pretends to be what he is not- Imposter
208 One who finds nothing good in anything- Critic
209 That which cannot be easily read- Illegible
210 The process of deciding the nature of disease by examination- Diagnosis
211 The quality of being politely firm and demanding- Assertive
212 One who eats human flesh- Cannibal
213 A person who is fluent in two languages – Bilingual
214 State of anxiety or dismay causing mental confusion – Consternation
215 A person who loves wealth but spends as little money as possible-Miser
216 Fear of water – Hydrophobia
217 Easily duped or fooled –Gullible
218 Animal that can live on land and in water Amphibians
219 Handwriting that cannot be read Illegible
220 To feel or express disapproval of something or someone Deprecate
221 To keep a great person or event in people’s memory – Commemorate
222 Occurring at irregular intervals in time -Sporadic
223 A lover of books-Bibliophile
224 A person who withdraws from world to live in seclusion and often in solitude – Recluse
225 To agree to something-Assent
226 A body of persons appointed to hear evidence and give their verdicts in trials –Jury
227 A situation that stops activity from progressing – Bottleneck
228 A person who dishonestly pretends to be somebody else –Imposter
229 A violent storm – Tempest
230 Careful or thorough enquiry – Investigation
231 Failing to discharge one’s duty (willfully) –Dereliction
232 A legal agreement by which a person borrows money from a bank usually to buy a house –Mortage
233 A movement of part of the body to express an idea or feeling – Gesture
234 A child born after the death of his father – Posthumous child
235 A person who is physically dependent on a substance – Addict
236 A cure for all disease – Panacea
237 A raised platform in building – Walkway
238 A system of naming things – Nomenclature
239 One who hates women –Misogynist
240 Able to use right hand and left hand equally well – Ambidextrous
241 Capable of being interpreted in two ways – Ambiguous
242 One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views – Fanatic
243 The action of looking within or into one’s own mind – Introspect
244 To confirm with the help of evidence – Implicate
245 A person who loves mankind – Philanthropist
246 Full of criticism or mockery – Satire
247 An agreement between two countries or groups to stop fighting – Ceasefire
248 Excessively enthusiastic and unreasonably excited about something – Fanatical
249 Intense and unreasonable fear or dislike – Phobia
250 To be dogmatic in one’s opinion – Opinionated
251 High sea waves caused by underwater earthquake – Tsunami
252 A voice that cannot be heard –Inaudible
253 The absence of law and order – Anarchy
254 One who intervenes between two or more parties to settle differences –Intermediary
255 To give one’s authority to another – Delegate
256 Body of singers- Choir
257 A thing likely to be easily broken – Brittle
258 An animal story with moral – Fable
259 The study of ancient civilization –Archaeology
260 A disease which is spread by direct contact – Contagious
261 Lasting only for a short while – Temporary
262 A number of stars grouped together – Constellation
263 Animal that feeds on plants – Herbivores
264 Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something – Coercion
265 Murder of a man – Homicide
266 Strong dislikes between two persons – Antipathy
267 That which is without opposition – Unanimous
268 The plant and vegetation of a region – Flora
269 The killing of whole group of people – Genocide
270 A remedy for all diseases – Panacea
271 Related to moon – Lunar
272 The art of preserving skin of animals, birds and fish – Taxidermy
273 A paper written by hand – Manuscript
274 Place where wine is made –Brewery
275 Found all over the world – Universal
276 Something kept as a reminder of an event – Souvenir
277 Scale used for measuring the strength of an earthquake – Richter
278 One who practices one of fine arts – Artist
279 A general pardon of offenders – Amnesty
280 An established principle of practical wisdom – Maxim
281 The process by which a person or an organization reduces the amount of money it spends –Budgeting
282 A figure of speech by which a thing is spoken of as being that which it only resembles –Simile
283 Very dramatic – Histrionic
284 To secretly store more than what is allowed – Hoarding
285 One who does not make mistakes –Infallible
286 A written statement about someone’s character, usually provided by an employer – Testimonial
287 Parts of a country behind the coast or a river bank –Hinterland
288 An abandoned child of unknown parents who is found by somebody –Foundling
289 Art of writing for newspapers and magazines – Journalism
290 A person who gambles or bets – Punter
291 Place that provide refuge – Asylum
292 Doing something according to one’s own free will – Voluntary
293 A foreigner who settles in a country – Immigrant
294 A small room in a big house, hotel, ship etc where glasses, dishes, spoons food, etc are kept -Pantry
295 Government of the people, by the people and for the people – Democracy
296 Something that is difficult to believe –Incredible
297 The height of object above sea level – Altitude
298 Group of people living together in the same locality – Neighbourhood
299 Always ready to attack or quarrel – Aggressive
300 Fit to be eaten – Edible
301 Unfair advantages for members of one’s own family – Nepotism
302 A proficient public speaker –Orator
303 One who eats both vegetables and meat – Omnivorous
304 One who gains benefits from something – Beneficiary
305 Spoken or done without preparation –Extempore
306 Fluent and clear in speech – Articulate
307 Through which light cannot pass – Opaque
308 To write under a different name – Pseudonym
309 A person who is well known in an unfavorable way – Notorious
310 The first speech made by a person – Maiden Speech
311 A man having no hair on scalp – Bald
312 A man who wastes his money on luxury – Extravagant
313 A geometrical figure with eight sides – Octagon
314 To injure one’s reputation – Defame
315 A man who does not know how to read or write – Illiterate
316 One who speaks for others – Spokesman
317 Soldiers who fight on horseback – Cavalry
318 Rebellion against lawful authority – Mutiny
319 To officially take private property away to seize – Confiscate
320 Someone having many skills – Versatile
321 Something which is imagined to be real but actually does not exist – Figment
322 Someone who scientifically studies the birds – Ornithologist
323 A person who cannot make a mistake –Infallible
324 One who loves all mankind – Philanthropist
325 One who is out to destroy the Government – Anarchist
326 Liable to be easily broken – Brittle
327 One who eats human flesh – Cannibal
328 One who performs daring gymnastics feats – Acrobat
329 A list of books available in a library – Catalogue
330 A style in which a writer makes display of his knowledge –Pedantic
331 To bite like a rat – Gnaw
332 A place of good climate for invalids – Sanatorium
333 Speech for the first time – Maiden speech
334 A woman with dark brown hair – Brunette
335 One who hates women – Misogynist
336 The study or collection of coins – Numismatics
337 An office with a salary but no work –Sinecure
338 That which may be easily broken – Brittle
339 Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors – Patrimony
340 Amount of money demanded by kidnappers –Ransom
341 Easy to shape in any desired form – Malleable
342 A hater of women – Misogynist
343 A large burial ground – Cemetery
344 To supply land with water by artificial means – Irrigate
345 A co-worker in an office or institution – Colleague
346 A man who is quite like a woman – Effeminate
347 One whose motive is merely to get money – Mercenary
348 The study of plant life – Botany
349 Animals that live in water – Aquatic
350 Instrument that magnifies objects – Microscope
351 One who is unable to pay one’s debt – Bankrupt
352 Exclusive possession or control of anything – Monopoly
353 The study of birds – Ornithology
354 One who loves or supports his or her country and is willing to defend it –Patriot
355 Likely to arouse envy (jealousy) – Enviable
356 Existing only in the mind – Imaginary
357 One who eats too much – Glutton
358 Talking disrespectfully of sacred things – Blasphemy
359 A handwriting which is difficult or impossible to read – Illegible
360 Animals that eat flesh – Carnivorous
361 One who knows everything – Omniscient
362 Inability to sleep – Insomnia
363 A list of name of books – Catalogue
364 Yearly celebration of a date or an event – Anniversary
365 A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs – Martyr
366 Men living in the same age – Contemporary
367 A list of books and writings of one author or one subject – Bibliography
368 The conference that takes place once in three years – Triennial
369 Meaningless language with an exaggerated style intended to impress –Rhetoric
370 The production of raw silk – Sericulture
371 Politicians who are notorious for doing undue favors to their relative –Nepotism –
372 A person who helps even a stranger in difficulty- Samaritan
373 Has an evil reputation – Notorious
374 A person who readily believes others – Credulous
375 Enclosed in a small closed space – Claustrophobia –
376 A political leader appealing to popular desires and prejudices – Demagogue
377 Science regarding principles of classification – Taxonomy
378 Not allowing the passage of light – Opaque
379 Operation of body after death – Post- Mortem
380 A group of three powerful people Triumvirate
381 An apartment or building in which each apartment is owned separately by the people living in it , but also containing shared areas – Condominium
382 A person who consumes human flesh – Cannibal
383 Stealing of ideas or writings of someone else- Plagiarism
384 Detailed plan of a journey – Itinerary
385 A school boy who frequently cuts classes is a Truant
386 One who cannot be corrected – Incorrigible
387 One who hates women – Misogynist
388 A general pardon granted by the Government to political offenders –Amnesty
389 A person specially interested in the study of coins and medals –Numismatist
390 A person in a vehicle or on horseback escorting another vehicle – Escort
391 Intentional destruction of racial groups – Genocide
392 Prohibited by law or treaty from being imported or exported – Contraband
393 An excessively morbid desire to steal – Kleptomania
394 A person who is greatly respected because of wisdom – Venerable
395 One who is unaffected or indifferent to joy, pain, pleasure or grief – Stoic
396 That which cannot be believed – Incredible
397 One who is all powerful – Omnipotent
398 An act of violence to take control of a plane – Hijack
399 Send or bring somebody back to his own country – Repatriate
400 Animals that live in a particular region – Native
401 A form of government in which supreme power rests with people is –Democracy
402 Murder of a brother – Fratricide
403 One who enjoys inflicting pain on himself – Masochist
404 To die without having made a will – Intestate
405 Not easily pleased by anything – Fastidious
406 To play the part of and function as, some other person – Act
407 Handwriting which is difficult impossible to read – Illegible
408 More like a woman than a man in manners and habits – Effeminate
409 An exact copy of handwriting or a picture produced by a machine – Copy
410 One who thinks or speaks too much of himself – Egoist
411 One who accepts pleasure and pain equally – Stoic
412 Having juicy or fleshy and thick tissue – Succulent
413 The study or practice of dancing or composing ballets – Choreography
414 A set of three related works by same author – Trilogy
415 Science of Human mind and behavior – Psychology
416 A person of obscure position who has gained wealth – Parvenu
417 A word composed of the first letters of the words in a phrase – Acronym
418 The act of producing beautiful handwriting using a brush or a special pen –Calligraphy
419 Words inscribed on a tomb – Epitaph
420 An obviously true or hackneyed statement –Truism
421 To reduce to nothing – Null
422 A study of sounds is known as – Phonetics
423 Written law of a legislative body – Statute
424 A person who shows off his/her learning – Pedant
425 A person who devotes his/her life for the welfare of others – Altruist
426 The study of worms and insects – Entomology
427 A person who attends to the disease of eye is an – Oculist
428 Study of the nature of Gods – Theology
429 That which cannot be defeated – Invincible
430 A decorative handwriting – Calligraphy
431 A person difficult to please – Fastidious
432 A list of luggage – Waybill
433 The line where the land and sky seems to meet – Horizon
434 A handwriting that cannot be read – Illegible
435 Words written on a tomb of a dead person – Epitaph
436 Fear of closed space – Claustrophobia –
437 A remedy for all disease – Panacea
438 One who studies the art of gardening – Horticulturist
439 A pole or beam used as a temporary support – Prop
440 A building in which aircraft are housed – Hangar
441 A former student of a school, college or university – Alumnus
442 A short story based on your personal experience – Anecdote
443 One who takes care of a building – Warden
444 Incapable of being approached – Inaccessible
445 One who lends money at a very high interest – Usurer
446 One who lives survives on others other lives – Parasite
447 Detailed plan of journey Itinerary
448 One who possesses many talents – Versatile
449 A medicine to nullify the effect of poison – Antidote
450 A person who lives by himself- Recluse
451 An assembly of worshipers – Congregation
452 A heavy continuous fall of rain – Downpour
453 A public institution for the care and protection of children without parents –Orphanage
454 An inscription on a tomb – Epitaph
455 A man of evil reputation- Notorious
456 A decorative ring of flowers and leaves – Wreath
457 Shaking movement of the ground Tremor
458 A game in which no one wins – Drawn
459 The art of making maps and charts – Cartography
460 Animals that can live on land and water – Amphibians
461 Completing a period of hundred years – Centennial
462 A figure with many angles or sides – Polygon
463 A list of things to be discussed at a meeting – Agenda
464 A large number of fish swimming together – Shoal
465 A room or building for the preservation of plants – Greenhouse
466 Liable to be easily broken – Brittle
467 A principle or standard by which anything is or can be judged – Criterion
468 A person who is self-centered – Egoist
469 A word that reads the same as backward or forward – Palindrome
470 The firing of many guns at the same time to mark an occasion – Fusillade
471 A person who supports or speaks in favor of something – Advocate
472 One living on vegetables – Vegetarian
473 An extract from a book of writing – Excerpt
474 Person who files a suit – Plaintiff
475 A person who abstains completely from alcoholic drinks – Teetotaler
476 Long poem based on a noble theme – Epic
477 One who lives both on land as well as in water – Amphibian
478 A strong dislike – Animosity
479 Take great pleasure – Revel
480 The practice of having many wives – Polygamy
481 Not likely to be easily pleased – Fastidious
482 A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army – Mercenary
483 A collection of slaves – Coffle
484 One who is always doubting – Sceptic
485 One who offers his services of his own freewill – Volunteer
486 A person who repairs broken window-glasses – Glazier
487 The art of beautiful handwriting – Calligraphy
488 A writing or a speech in praise of someone – Eulogy
489 Loss of memory – Amnesia
490 A speech made without preparation Extempore
491 A speaker’s platform – Podium
492 Science of practice of map drawing – Cartography
493 Motive or incitement to action – Incentive
494 A short trip or excursion – Jaunt
495 Speech which is not audible – Inaudible
496 Partner in crime – Accomplice
497 A state where no law and order exists – Anarchy
498 To free completely from blame – Exonerate
499 Estimation of a thing’s worth – Appraisal
500 A supplement to a will – Codicil
501 A person who collects coins – Numismatist
502 Favoritism granted in politics or business to relatives -Nepotism
503 A word or practice that has gone out of use – Obsolete
504 A person who works for an employer for a fixed period of time in order to learn the particular skills needed in their job-Apprentice
505 A part of a word that can be pronounced separately – Syllable
506 Relating to kinship with the father-Patrilineal
507 A special fondness or liking for – Penchant
508 Something that might happen in the future – Contingency
509 Affecting or relating to cows – Bovine
510 A drink usually made from a mixture of one or more alcoholic drinks –Cocktail
511 Passing out of use – Obsolescent
512 The act of speaking about one’s thoughts when one is alone – Soliloquy
513 All the arts, beliefs and social institutions etc, characteristics of a race – Civilization
514 Small pieces of metal that fly out from an exploding bomb – Shrapnel
515 Person believing in free will – Libertarian
516 Hole excavated by an animal as dwelling – Burrow
517 Pertaining to sheep – Ovine
518 To remove an objectionable part from a book – Expurgate
519 A doctor who specializes in diseases of the nose – Rhinologist
520 A man knows a lot about things like food, music and art – Connoisseur
521 A wooden object used for connecting animals that are pulling a vehicle – Yoke
522 Having a stale smell or taste – Rancid
523 Material that changes naturally by the action of bacteria – Biodegradable
524 Government by the few – Oligarchy
525 Study of caves- Speleology
526 A fictitious name especially one assumed by an author – Pseudonym
527 Animals that eat flesh – Carnivorous
528 A speech delivered without any preparation-Extempore
529 A drug or other substance that induce sleep-Sedative
530 Animals which suckle their young ones – Mammals
531 Beyond correction – Incorrigible
532 An event that causes great harm to dams – Disaster
533 A book written by an unknown – Anonymous
534 Inflammation of gums-Gingivitis
535 Widespread scarcity of food-Famine
536 A poem of fourteen lines-Sonnet
537 Wild imagination – Fantasy
538 An allowance made to a wife by her husband, when they are legally separated –Alimony
539 One who believes everything he/she hears – Credulous
540 Incapable of error – Infallible
541 People of no fixed abode – Nomads
542 A person who can make himself/herself feel at home in any country –Cosmopolitan
543 Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence – Protocol
544 That which makes it difficult to recognize the presence or real nature of something –Camouflage
545 The full agreement of all members – Unanimous
546 Short speech or poem given at the end of a play or a book – Epilogue
547 Accidental good fortune – Fluke
548 Lack of feeling – Apathy
549 Brought back to mind – Reminisced
550 A person who drives our motor cars – Chauffeur
551 A small village or group of houses – Hamlet
552 A person who loves everybody – Altruist
553 Person leading a life of strict self-discipline – Ascetic
554 One who is neither intelligent nor dull Mediocre
555 That which can be drunk – Potable
556 A government run by officials – Bureaucracy
557 One who does something for the first time – Pioneer
558 One who plays for pleasure rather than as a professional – Amateur
559 Free somebody from blame or guilt – Exonerate
560 Underground place for storing wine or other provisions – Cellar
561 A list of explanations of rare, technical or obsolete words – Glossary
562 Study of the interaction of people with their environment – Philosophy
563 Incapable of being tired – Indefatigable
564 Guilty of crime – Culpable
565 That which cannot be reached – Inaccessible
566 A person who collects andor studies stamps – Philatelist
567 People at a religious gathering – Congregation
568 Government by wealthy- Plutocracy
569 Branch of medicine concerned with children and their illness- Pediatrics
570 Pay attention Glance at One who is rather fastidious- Meticulous
572 A written declaration of government or a political party- Manifesto
573 Worth eating- Edible
574 A person who wastes his money on luxury- Extravagant
575 A medicine that softens the bowels- Laxative
576 Sentimental longing for a period in a past- Nostalgia
577 A person employed to drive a private or hired car- Chauffeur
578 A person who always run after women- Philanderer
579 Relating to countries of west- Occidental
580 A partner in a crime- Accomplice
581 A person who leaves one country to settle in another – Emigrant
582 House or shelter of a gipsy – Caravan
583 One who deals in flower – A florist
584 A man who has more than one wife at a time – Polygamist
585 One who eats no animal flesh – Vegetarian
586 A woman whose husband is dead – Widow
587 One who helps people by giving them money or other aid – Benefactor
588 The group, especially in the arts, regarded as being the most experimental – Avant-grade
589 A method of boiling briefly to cook food slightly – Parboil
590 A highly skilled musician – Virtuoso
591 A person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions – Cynic
592 A cluster of flowers on a branch – Inflorescence
593 Belief in many Gods – Polytheism
594 Design made by putting together coloured pieces of glass or stones – Mosaic
595 Poem in short stanza narrating a popular story – Ballad
596 The schedule of travel – Itinerary
597 Something which lasts forever – Eternal
598 A policy that segregate people on the basis of colour – Apartheid
599 A particular method of working – Modus Operandi
600 Walking in sleep – Somnambulism
601 A person employed as a car driver for an important person – Chauffeur
602 Fear of telling lies- Mythophobia
603 A fear of closed dark places – Claustrophobia –
604 Feeling annoyed at the sight of unfair treatment – Indignant
605 Unwelcome aspect of a situation – Flip side
606 Imposed a restriction on – Constrained
607 One who hates mankind – Misanthrope
608 To free a person by a verdict of ‘not guilty’ – Acquit
609 To secure a boat by attaching it to an anchor – Moor
610 To try to settle a dispute between two other parties – Mediate
611 A vivacious and lively experience is said to be – Scintillating
612 Wildly unreasonable, illogical or ridiculous – Absurd
613 Constant efforts to achieve something – Perseverance
614 The plant and a vegetation of a region – Flora
615 A fourteen-line poem – Sonnet
616 Showing a dislike of anything improper Prim
617 A person who leaves his own country in order to go and live in another –Emigrant
618 That which cannot be avoided – Inevitable
619 Artistic, musical or dramatic interpretation – Rendition
620 Walking in sleep – Somnambulism
621 Specially skilled in story telling – A raconteur
622 Continuing for a long period of time without interruption – Perpetual
623 Speech of great importance and gravity – Momentous
624 A man who helps a stranger or a person in difficulties is – Samaritan
625 A planned route or journey – Itinerary
626 A story in which animals or objects speak and give wholesome moral lessons –Fable
627 Act of injuring another’s reputation by any slanderous communication -Defamation
628 A recurrent compulsive urge to steal – Kleptomania
629 Not suitable for eating – Inedible
630 A person who enters without any invitation Intruder
631 A process involving too much official formalities – Red-tapism
632 Medical study of skin and its diseases – Dermatology
633 The burial of corpse – Interment
634 Conferred as an honor – Honorary
635 One who makes an official examination of accounts – Auditor
636 A person who deliberately sets fire to a building – Arsonist
637 That which cannot be effaced – Indelible
638 To free someone from all blames –Exonerate

639 One who does not believe In the existence of God – Atheist
640 One who has long experience – Veteran
641 One who is too careless to plan for the future – Improvident
642 Of one’s own free will – Voluntary
643 One who runs away from justice or the law – Fugitive
644 One who is skillful – Dexterous
645 A person who deserves all praise – Laudable
646 A study of ancient things – Archaeology
647 Someone who is designated to hear both sides of a dispute and make a judgement –Arbitrator
648 Make pale by excluding light – Etiolate
649 Opinion contrary to accepted doctrine – Heresy
650 A person who agrees to work for somebody in order to learn a skill -Apprentice
651 That which cannot be avoided – Inevitable
652 One who is concerned with the welfare of other – Altruist
653 To die without making a will – Intestate
654 A reserve for animals, birds etc in their natural habitat – Sanctuary
655 The area of medicine that treats illness of bones – Orthopedics
656 One who knows many languages – Polyglot
657 A records of historical events – Archive
658 A person who looks at the bright side of things – Optimist
659 Study of skin and its diseases – Dermatology
660 A remedy for all diseases – Panacea
661 An excessive fear of confined spaces – Claustrophobia –
662 A person who is long experienced or practiced in an activity capacity –Veteran
663 Pretended attack – Feint
664 A land fit for growing crops – Arable
665 A thing fit to be eaten – Edible
666 One who suffers for one’s faith – Martyr
667 A child secretly changes for another in infancy – Changeling
668 The branch of medical science which deals with the problems of the old –Geriatrics
669 An image without objective reality – Hallucination
670 A mournful poem or a song – Elegy
671 That which is arranged by conferring or discussing – Seminar
672 Something that is difficult to understand – Incomprehensible
673 Chief or Commander of army – General
674 One who cannot be corrected – Incorrigible
675 Put side by side – Juxtapose –
676 One who pretends to be what he is not – Imposter
677 A container for the ashes of a dead person – Urn
678 To put two and two together – Symbiosis
679 No longer in existence or use – Obsolete
680 To destroy completely – Annihilate
681 A song sung at the death of a person – Elegy
682 A person who has had one or more limbs removed – Amputee
683 One who is known widely but unusually unfavorably is – Notorious
684 A statement in which you say the same thing twice in different words – Tautology
685 Rub or wipe out – Efface
686 The period between two regions- Era
687 A person who is very selective , disgusted easily and is hard to please –Fastidious
688 An error or misprint in printing or writing – Erratum
689 A person extremely desirous of money – Avaricious
690 Too willing to obey other people – Subservient
691 Introductory part or lines to a discourse or play – Prologue
692 Intentional damage to arrest production – Sabotage
693 A handsome man – Adonis
694 A cinema show held in the afternoon – Matinee
695 Animals living in water – Aquatic
696 A person who steals the writing of others – Plagiarist
697 One who compiles a dictionary – Lexicographer
698 Someone not fit to be chosen – Ineligible
699 Art of working with metals – Metallurgy
700 A gathering at a religious place –Congregation
701 A place where birds are kept –Aviary
702 The act of killing one’s own brother or sister – Fratricide
703 A legal agreement that allows someone to use a building or land for a period of time, usually in return for rent –Lease
704 A person who helps another to commit a crime – Accomplice
705 A person worships only one God – Monotheist
706 Submission to all that happens as inevitable – Fatalism
707 Lasting for a very short time – Ephemeral
708 A person who is easily deceived or tricked – Gullible
709 Rules governing socially acceptable behavior – Etiquette
710 One who is in charge of Museum – Curator
711 An act of misappropriation of money – Embezzlement
712 One who cannot make any mistake – Infallible
713 The first public performance of musical or theatrical work or the first showing of a film -Premiere
714 An exact copy – Facsimile
715 To give money for sales to agents – Commission
716 A person who is working in the same institution – Colleague
717 Favoritism shown by a person in power to his relatives – Nepotism
718 A round-about way of expression – Circumlocution
719 Suitable or intended only for young persons – Juvenile
720 A record of one’s own life written by oneself – Autobiography
721 Belong to same period – Contemporary
722 One who listens secretly to private conversation – Eavesdropper
723 Someone who is incapable of being quietened or pacified – Implacable
724 Government by Department of State – Bureaucracy
725 The killing of a race – Genocide
726 Lack of skills – Ineptness
727 Stick with a thick end used in mortar for pounding – Pestle
728 An act when people vote in order to make a particular subject or policy rather than voting for a person Referendum
729 Drug which causes people to sleep early – Soporific
730 The branch of philosophy concerned with the study of principles of beauty, especially in art –Aesthetics
731 The study of skin – Dermatology
732 A rough, violent, troublesome person – Tartar
733 A brave, noble – minded or chivalrous man – Gallant
734 Obsession with books – Bibliomania
735 A large body of people playing musical instruments – Orchestra
736 Solemn religious acts – Rites
737 That which cannot be averted – Inevitable
738 One who sets type for books, newspapers, etc – Compositor
739 Land covered by water on three sides – Peninsula
740 A remedy for all diseases – Panacea
741 A piece of shelter for ships – Harbour
742 Of the highest degree – Superlative
743 A place where soldiers live – Barracks
744 A man who collects old and new coins – Numismatist
745 Regular user of places restaurant etc – Clientele
746 A thing no longer in use – Obsolete
747 A place where astronomical observations are made – Observatory
748 Killing one’s sister – Sororicide
749 A person who has lost protection of law – Outlaw
750 Falsification of documents etc – Forgery
751 To make atonement to one’s sins – Expiate
752 Committing murder in revenge – Vendetta
753 The thing that can be easily broken – Brittle
754 An unimportant person – Nonentity
755 Experts who scientifically study insects – Entomologists
756 One who pretends to be what he is not – Hypocrite
757 A paper story poem first written out by hand – Manuscript
758 A job carrying no salary – Honorary
759 Act of stealing in small quantities – Pilferage
760 Pertaining to the west – Occidental
761 A place where money is coined – Mint
762 The process by which plants and animals breathe – Respiration
763 One who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men – Cynic
764 Property inherited from one’s father – Patrimony
765 A person who is womanish in habits – Effeminate
766 One who is converted from one religion to other – Proselyte
767 A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc – Boutique
768 Interval between two events – Interlude
769 A person’s peculiar habit – Idiosyncrasy
770 The art of delaying – Procrastination
771 A doctor who specializes in the eye diseases of the eyes – Ophthalmologist
772 Person who eats too much – Glutton
773 Write or carve words on stone or paper – Inscribe
774 Unable to pay one’s debt – Insolvent
775 Trouble and annoy continously – Harass
776 A narrow stretch of land connecting two large bodies of land – Isthumus
777 An animal which lives by preying on other animals – Predator
778 Government or rule by a small group of people – Oligarchy
779 One who copies from other writers – Plagiarist
780 Thing that can be felt or touched – Palpable
781 The scientific study of elections – Psephology
782 A notice of a person’s death – Obituary
783 An animal that lives in a group – Gregarious
784 Hard working and diligent – Sedulous
785 Shine with a bright but brief or irregular light – Flicker
786 The act of setting free from bondage of any kind – Emancipation
787 A disease that affects a large number of people in an area at the same time –Epidemic
788 One who is eighty years old – Octogenarian
789 A shady fertile place in a desert – Oasis
790 A place where bees are kept – Apiary
791 A brief or a short stay at a place – Sojourn
792 That which can be believed – Credible
793 One who is indifferent to pain or pleasure – Stoic
794 A drug which makes one see things that are not really there – Hallucinogen
795 Providing relief – Reprieve
796 The philosophy of putting another’s welfare above one’s own – Altruism
797 A person who is new to profession – Novice
798 That which makes one highly knowledgeable – Erudition
799 A state of emotional or intellectual separation – Alienation
800 A place where animals are slaughtered – Abattoir
801 A man with abnormal habits – Eccentric
802 Words inscribed on the tomb – Epitaph
803 Proposition made as a basis for reasoning without the assumption of its truth facts – Hypothesis
804 Indifference to Pain and pleasure – Stoicism
805 No longer a child, but not yet an adult – Adolescent
806 Act of making things new like before – Renovation
807 One who knows everything – Omniscient
808 Any morbid dread of water (fear of water) – Hydrophobia
809 The ceremony of crowning a sovereign – Coronation
810 One who tends to patronize, rebuff or ignore people regarded as social inferiors and imitate, admire people regarded as social superiors – Snob
811 A room where dead are kept until burial – Mortuary
812 Government by a king – Monarchy
813 Hobson’s choice – No choice at all
814 Violation of the sanctity of a sacred place – Sacrilege
815 Speech delivered without preparation – Extempore
816 One who will do any job for anyone for money – Mercenary
817 A child born after the death of father Posthumous
818 A person who completely abstains from alcohol – Teetotaller
819 One who is able to use both hands – Ambidextrous
820 Chief of a group of workmen – Foreman
821 Bitter quarrel between two families existing for a long period – Feud 822 Animals without backbone – Invertebrates 823 Action that is likely to make people very angry – Inflammatory
824 A humorous drawing dealing with current events or politics – Cartoon
825 Act of mercy killing – Euthanasia 826 The act of killing a king – Regicide 827 Emission of light or heat from a central point – Radiation
828 That which cannot be believed – Incredible
829 An act of travelling from one place to another – Journey
830 Misappropriation of money – Embezzlement
831 When something moves in a straight line – Rectilinear
832 Tending to associate with others of one’s kind – Gregarious
833 General pardon for offences against the state – Amnesty
834 A person motivated by irrational enthusiasm – Fanatic
835 Wide, uninterrupted view – Panorama
836 An instrument for measuring pressure of gases – Manometer
837 That which cannot be expressed in words – Ineffable
838 A mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent inside buildings, especially in residential settings – Potpourri
839 Placing different things in order to create an interesting effect – Juxtapose
840 Study of cultures – Ethnology
841 A person speaking many languages – Polyglot
842 A lengthy and aggressive speech addressed to a large assembly – Harangue
843 One who is not easily pleased by anything – Fastidious
844 Head of monks in abbey – Abbot
845 The word which is no longer in use – Obsolete
846 A person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others – Altruist
847 Inscription on a gravestone – Epitaph
848 Violation of that which is holy and sacred – Sacrilege
849 One who believes in many Gods – Polytheist
850 One who lends money on high rates of interest – Usurer
851 A post with little work but high salary – Sinecure
852 A person, especially a young one, with exceptional abilities – Prodigy
853 Incapable of feeling tired or exhausted – Indefatigable
854 A new word coined by an author – Neologism
855 The act of killing a whole group of people, specially a whole race – Genocide
856 Animals that can live on land and in water – Amphibian
857 A hater of women – Misogynist
858 A state where there is no effective government – Anarchy
859 A person who opposes war or use of military force – Pacifist
860 Substance used in surgery to produce unconsciousness – Anesthetic
861 Master of ceremonies – Compere
862 A remedy for all diseases – Panacea
863 A place for fish or water plants – Aquarium
864 The study of birds is known as – Ornithology
865 The belief that everyone is equal and should have the same right and opportunities – Egalitarian
866 Irresistible craving for alcoholic drinks – Dipsomania